3D Animation

Visual Solutions Studios Inc. has a proven track record of 20 years, from luxury condominium projects in Dubai to luxury senior living in Toronto.

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3D Animation

Visual Solutions Studios Inc. is a studio specializing in creative production, including a wide range of digital media services such as 3D walk throughs 3D animation, 2D animation, motion graphics & visual effects, interactive, web, film, print, and much more. VSSI is a one-stop-shop fully capable of all aspects of production, including live action video & film, editing, sound and post production.

3D walk-through / 3D fly-through is a technology that allows the users to view the interiors of a building before completion, the walk-through is an accurate representation created from CAD plans and interior finishes.

This tool allows designers and stakeholders a view of the project months in advance of completion and helps decrease decision making process time and has become an industry standard for pre-construction.

Decisions on finishes, furniture, light fixtures, vegetation, glazing tints, artwork, sculptures, ceiling heights can be visualized and clients can comment.

The 3D walk-through can now be used as a marketing tool for potential buyers or renters to make an informed decision. Will a two-bedroom suite work for them, the view of a new courtyard will this be desired or a view of the lake.

We have worked with many clients that have made changes to the design after visualizing proposed design: raise the ceiling heights, change finishes to a higher quality, change furniture style, change fabrics, add more natural light by adding skylights, upgrade light fixtures to reflect contemporary renovations.

There is no denying the value that 3D walk-throughs offer to architects and interior designers and marketing a project. Replacing static, images in PowerPoint with a visually engaging and interactive 3D walk-through of a design has proven to be a much more effective method of communicating a design. During design reviews, colleagues can focus on how the design works and flows together, while stakeholders have the opportunity to engage with and experience the design. Creating a 3D walk-through allows you to truly communicate your vision to stakeholders.

The final walk-through gives opportunity to market pre-sell and pre-lease like never before.

I’ve had only very positive feedback from our clients, Public Works and

Government Services Canada!

Valarie V, Director of Marketing and Communications at CBRE

Fly-through, we presented the computer walk-through on large TV screens at an event yesterday and it looked great!

Jennifer S, Infrastructure Ontario, Durham Consolidated Courthouse

Residential High-Rise Southern Ontario

Business Centre Markham