Innovative Sales Tools

Visual Solutions Studios Inc. (VSSI) creates custom interactive presentations. Custom Interactive Presentations boost sales. If a client knows what a home or condominium will look like, there is a greater chance selling the or leasing real estate.

We create interactive presentation that incorporate a units actual views from a proposed building, you maybe in the market for a residential suite but not sure if a one bedroom from the 10th floor is right for you, with our tools you can see the North, South , East and West views from all levels before the building is built.

Clients want to see amenities and courtyards before construction so they can purchase a unit in advance.

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Innovative Sales Tools

If Time, Quality and Budget are important to you, Visual Solutions Studios Inc. will deliver on those promises.

The benefits of Innovative Sales Tools. If clients are informed you will have a great chance of selling.

If a client compares two new residences, one will have a courtyard that I can exercise in and have tea. Rather than another building under construction that has limited information about its amenities.

The interactive presentation can be online or in a sales centre on a touch screen tablet. We have the experience from creating complex interactive presentation for 30 story high-rise building to multi module learning programs. Our team has over 20 years’ experience creating Innovative Sales Tools and our client includes, Large Developers, Contractors and Federal Government.

Our Interactive presentations have been created for Hospital expansion, Flagship Retail, Airport Retail, Major Federal and provincial Government projects.

If Time, Quality and Budget are important to you, Visual Solutions Studios Inc. will deliver on those promises.

Dear George, on behalf of everyone at DSD, a sincere Thank You and Congratulations to all involved in bringing this award-winning project to fruition (The Rowe Condominiums). This is a tremendous achievement!

Christine B. Director of Sales & Marketing

Hello George,

The presentation went very well. The animation was a success, they loved it!


Domenic M., Go Transit Burlington

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