Visual Solutions Studios Inc. (VSSI) takes your PDF or hand drawings and converts to an editable digital CAD drawing. If you have drawings that were made by hand and now you need to get vital information like square footage, clearances, etc. We will create clean digital files with scale 1 to 1 that can be used by architects, interior designers, engineers and facilities managers.

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We have assisted hundreds of companies in converting their hand drawings into digital CAD.

Digital drawings can be backup modified and used to extract information, share with multi-disciplines. Many insurance companies request digital CAD drawings for commercial properties.

Preparing accurate square footage, you need to have CAD to create accurate takeoffs.

VSSI has created thousands of CAD drawings, converting old hand drawings to digital for insurance, marketing, construction, engineers and facilities managers. We have worked with some of the largest companies in Canada and can work with their CAD standards (Layering System, Pen Tables Etc.

The benefits of having CAD files are limitless. Now, multi-disciplines can work with your files. Don’t get caught with a roll of old drawings in a cabinet not protected from a flood or fire.

If you have one drawing or 5000 we can help. We have a hybrid method part human part computer-based.

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