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Visual Solutions Studios Inc. (VSSI) designs, prototypes with clients, feedback is usually quicker when you see a component like a kiosk, a banking Pod or sculpture. We have worked intensely in the banking sector, retail sector and senior living. Some projects, client design and want to see options different finishes, shapes, materials this is how rapid prototyping is done.

Prototypes are used sometimes in focus groups or stakeholder meetings and developed from this point.

Many iterations are created and the client provides constant feedback. There is a higher level of buy-in if visualization is part of the development process.

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Product Development and Designing in 3D

The benefits of developing and designing a product in 3D, you work out the aesthetics, shapes, the look at the same time. We designed a banking pod for credit unions, the pod holds hard drives, battery backup, three monitors, it must have privacy screen, sneeze guard and ventilation, it must be ergonomically designed if two to three people are working on the pod for eight hours.

Aesthetically pleasing and functional. When creating this prototype, the operations manager communicated the work surface had to be larger from the initial iteration. Once the 3D model was approved it went into shop drawings and fabrication. We have assisted companies in developing and designing products from banking pods to mobile banking vehicles.

We work in 3D from the start, whereas most companies start in 2D and develop from this point. We develop in 3D for aesthetic reasons getting the look our client desires, then work out the details later. We have worked with companies developing retail, components, architectural features, canopies, signage, restaurant equipment, gondolas, retail point of sale, building and site branding.

We worked on projects for companies like Disney, Intel and Hermin Miller to name a few.

The Main benefits 3D product development:

– Faster product development

– More effective communication

– Visualize options like material finishes for cost analysis

– Create presentations for focus groups

– Create innovative sales tools after a design is developed

– Create renderings and animations for customer review

– Simulation, test and validate your designs to reduce costs

– Virtual prototypes reduce the need and cost of physical prototypes

-Easily incorporate late design ideas and changes

If Time, Quality and Budget are important to you, Visual Solutions Studios Inc. will deliver on those promises.

I wanted to send you this note personally to thank you very much for the speedy turn around on the “Village Concept

Branch”. It was a huge success in our Vancouver focus groups and we wanted to express our appreciation.

Terrie M., RBC Dominion Securities Inc

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