3D Colour Floor Plans

We have produced thousands of marketing plans for clients to assist in marketing residential projects. Clients want a feel of the space and a 2D CAD plan will not do it.

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3D Colour Floor Plans

With the advancements in Computer Aided Design, Fast computer processing, digital photography and talented individuals that can cross many disciplines bring pieces together like architectural drawings and interior design specifications. Architectural visualization was born, in the early days CAD models were extruded and a shaded colour was chosen to represent surfaces.

Building renderings can now be produced to a very accurate representation of the completed product.

How is this possible: a 3D model is created to scale 1 to 1, actual finishes are scanned like Masonry, Cladding, Wood, Metal, Paint even glass tinting is part of the process.

The actual finishes are applied to the 3D model. Textures are adjusted to suit actual size for instance brick, block, tiles and wood grain direction are placed as requested.

Many times a designer will show the in progress architectural visualization to a client and the client will request alterations to finishes, this is a fantastic collaboration for the end user and owner.

This way the owner will get what they want need and desire.


George these are fantastic, I have wanted this for such a long time, and makes it much easier in the selling process.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful long weekend.

Linda M. Director

Suite Toronto, Ontario

Pool Brampton, Ontario